Deadline DECEMBER 31st

The Omega Delta Scholarship for Chinese studies is an annual grant offered to one currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate-level Omega Delta brother in pursuit of a Chinese language course. The Scholarship will be sponsored by Alpha Chapter brother, Marco Reyes (Tau #187), Co-founder & Managing Director of
You Mei Camp Education Group, China.

In the progressive globalization of the world, China has become the highlight of many news feeds among economists, political scientists, and more. Major tech giants from China continue to be the leader in a variety of categories from mobile payment & fintech, live-streaming, and mobile gaming. US education remains a number one destination for Chinese study abroad students. The US – China trade relationship, although highly debated, will continue to be the most important in the world.

With China rising, and the US watching, how can we as citizens make an impact on this change? Language acquisition is the foundation of international policy creation, global economies, political and human relationships. We invite an Omega Delta brother to explore the possibility of Chinese language acquisition, be it for a hobby, or for future professional use. Either way, studying Chinese will help understand a new culture and world.

• Currently active brother
• Must be enrolled an enrolled undergraduate or graduate student
• 18-24 years old
• Must either be enrolled in or willing to enroll in a Chinese language course

Application Process:
• Click “APPLY” and fill out the form
• Write a short essay of why you wish to pursue a course in Chinese language studies

Scholarship Details:
• $500
• Mentor – Mentee program between Marco Reyes and the scholarship winner
• Potential future Chinese internship