Our History


The history of Omega Delta is that of change. During the fall semester of 1996 at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, a group of friends decided to join a fraternity. A companion, who was already a member of an existing fraternal organization, asked the men to join his fraternity. During the pledging process, the men felt they had made the wrong decision. The smaller fraternities on campus were ethnically divided and segregated from the larger Greek System. The men decided that a fraternity for everyone was needed. One for people of all walks of life, with a desire to succeed.

In order to establish this fraternity, the men sought the help of their Greek affiliated companion. He renounced his affiliation with his previous organization, the associate became part of the seventeen men who embarked on the mission to establish a professional and social fraternity. The seventeen men journeyed to Shelbyville, Illinois for a weekend of preparation, bonding, and of change. On January 19, 1997, the men finally came together to form “Omega Delta.” The name translates to “final change”. A fraternity promoting cultural awareness and providing an environment for academic and social success. They had formed a fraternity based on leadership and professionalism, one that opens doors instead of closing them.